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Certificate of Contractor Certificate of Contractor's grade (Visit Count : 416)

Certificate of Contractor's grade

this certificate issued by Planning and Budget Organization

translation of this certificate is as below:

Dear Mr.Amir Tabrizi
Director Managing of Danesh Gostar Bamdad Co.
registration No.: 367434

Referring to Decree No. H23251T/48013 of the Cabinet of Ministers, and in view of the satisfaction of the conditions and the approval of the company in the comprehensive system for the recognition of the factors of the technical system of execution, it is certified the competence of that company for contracting activities from the date of issuance of this certificate until the end of the evaluation period and the maximum Up to date 18 April 2022.
 national Number of company :10320171491
for details of this certificate, please visit http://sajar.mporg.ir 

Date: 7/11/2018
Source : Certificate of Contractor's grade